Friday, 24 January 2014

cover lines:

- 5 quick fashion tips

- how to get the boy you want

- 10 facts about the latest boy-bands

- J.B. interview

- hottest actors of 2013

- how you can get J.B.

- spice up your school wear

- do's and don'ts of getting your guy

- how you can get the perfect body

- how you can look like taylor swift


- young life ( I choose this one as it is mature but also sounds as if it were for teens)            

- real girls

- teen life

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Study the Cosmopolitan front cover and answer the questions on lined paper, in full sentences, using media key terms.


  1. How many different font styles do you see on the front cover?
  1. How many different font sizes are used?
  1. How many different font colours are used?
  1. How many coverlines are there?
  1. Describe the font used for the magazine title.
It is bold, clear and big so people can read and recognise it.
  1. How does the title communicate who the target audience are?
It is pink yet bold and affirmative so it is probably for women
  1. What’s the main coverline and how do you know?
‘Body revolution’ as it is the coverline that takes up the most space
  1. Explain how and why different colours are used on the cover.
White is used to show the main point then pink is for additional information as is black
  1. Explain how and why different fonts are used on the front cover.
The different fonts are affected by the type of word e.g. ‘body’ has a curvy and stylish font
  1. If you could change something about the typography on this cover what would it be and why would change it?
I would change the colours as I find them to monotone even though they are completely different.

Monday, 13 January 2014

symmetrical magazine front cover

I chose this cover as being balanced since the logo, image and text all went from the middle third outward and the face is very symmetrical with the make up and facial features.

asymmetrical magazine front cover

I chose this cover as asymmetrical since it has rick ross standing at and angle and it has text that is not in a regular place but is in-between the left and centre third.

asymmetrical magazine front cover by colour

I chose this cover as it had a lot of bright and vivid colours in the foreground and it also has a lot of drowned out colours in the background 

Friday, 10 January 2014


I chose this font as it is simplistic and smart which is the way I find the future heading it is also a font i have seen used in many futuristic movies.


I chose this font as it is playful and friendly which are things that I relate to kids. 


I chose this font as it is a typical american style sporting font which is used in american football, basketball and baseball.


I chose this font as it is big, bold and agressive which are typical male attributes. 


I chose this font as it is light, swirly and what can be conceived as naturalistic which is a typical look for women. 


I chose this font as it has little flourishes and looks quite posh a sort of serif type font.


I chose this font as it is thick and Bold  which i needed as it is bold and quite self explanatory. 


 I chose this font as I find it to be a classical medieval font used in films such as 'monty python holy grail'