Friday, 13 June 2014

question 1

this magazine is of the female lifestyle magazine genre and this is shown the title 'Easy Living' which paints the picture of a handy magazine full of tips for the modern woman. another way which the extract fits the genre of which its in is by the cover line 'what your friends really think of you', this is because women typically have untrusted/gossipy friends who talk behind their back and men are typically more forward and literal with what they say and fight by using fits rather than mind games therefore secrets are less devious than womens.

question 2

the layout of the magazine cover creates the effect of organisation and clarity as the left third is clearly presented with very little change in font or text colour, therefore the coverlines are easily read and presented in an organised and proper fashion. the typography used on this magazine cover is very static and unchanging creating the effect of consistency, yet also the font used is very modern and the consistency creates the effect of this being a very modern and up to date magazine (which most 21st century women want).

question 3

in this magazine young to middle aged women are being represented. from this magazine we can see that supposedly these women value knowledge of things their friends my be thinking of them, celebrities (and their eternal youth), fashion and cooking. this may be detrimental to the group of women this is aimed at as they are shown all to look like a 'perfect' figure and be into cooking, fashion and gossip whereas this is almost definitely not what all women value or even want to know about.

going back to the image of the 'un-aging' celebrity on the front cover, this could be bad for both a woman's morale and what is expected of her as this shows a 'perfect' model of a woman which not every woman is and that can put a picture in a mans mind of all women within this age group looking like beautiful un-aging models which can offend women and bring much disappointment to men. another problem with this image is that it may bring depression and obsession to women that don't look like the model on the front page as society has dictated that she is beautiful and anything other than her hair, body type or facial features are unworthy of the word 'beauty' which many women wont have as every woman is different.

the coverlines that were previously mentioned could be detrimental to women because of once again expectance of women and women feeling like they have to be interested or involved in gossip, cooking, fashion and celebrities. If a man were to glance on the cover of this magazine he could easily come to the conclusion of all women liking the things that are displayed upon the coverlines, this could put the men in trouble as he could easily think true of the belief of that stereotype making it a shock if the woman he meets does not follow that formula/stereotype of women it may him think she's abnormal. to women the pressure of this stereotype may make them question weather they are 'normal' or not therefore, making a society of women needing to be up to date with fashion, gossip and other things just to feel acceptance from other women.