Thursday, 24 October 2013

the gradient tool
this tool is essential due to the fact that it can transition from one layer to another.
this can be done by clicking on the tool selecting the options that you require and either fading in or fading out or making one layer shine through the fore ground.
this is what you are able to do with the fading tool.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

50 Cent - Candy Shop

This rap suggests that if you have a cool car and cool clothes you will have sex with many pretty ladies 
Setting an 'example' which men should supposedly follow. This creates a mislead example for the younger generation one that money can get you love and women are just sex objects and two is that all women are sexy and slutty meaning that it does not matter about future relationships. this will make women not trust men and a lot of teenage pregnancies occur this is in the long run will create a lot of inefficient jobs as everyone is addicted to sex  meaning a lot of homelessness occurs due to work not being completed.

Yet I am thinking of too many extremes in the real world what will happen it will make many adolescent boys horny which in the long run won’t do much yet it does set a bad example for a young un-moulded mind and could make this child set out from its peer group. In simple terms I prefer rap music that has a good beat a nice flow and in general sounds good which to me means I don't like this song and I am also strongly against the objectification of women. I find this to be very ignorant and think of my sister and if she was talked about like that it would make me furious.

Jay z - big pimpin'

This music video promotes the rich wasting money life style and also the prostitution of women e.g. the title. This port trail of masculinity includes having sex with many women and spending lots of money and wearing trendy clothes with a couple of golden chains around your neck. This sets a standard to which not many can follow as money is very hard to come by at this day and age. It also leads an unhelpful example for children as it promotes smoking and not having a satisfying relationship with a woman but going from one woman to another. I think this example is not good as treating women as sex objects is very rude and disrespectful. 
 The way men are perceived by women is as these sexually frustrated, dirty rich lady killers from videos like this, I find this to be wrongful and frustrating in that women may be making assumptions of men.

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