Sunday, 17 November 2013

jessie j - do it like a dude

- quick frantic shots showing she's powerful and a bit mad

- strong and aggressive movements that imitate male aggression toward each other

- there is juxtaposition when the line 'do it like a dude' is said and jessie j comes in meaning she is as powerful as a man

- women are fighting and being aggressive toward one and other which are typical manly traits 

- they dance like men meaning she can do whatever a man can do 

- this video is trying to show that women are able to do what ever a man can do weather that be dancing gambling fighting or being aggressive toward each other meaning men and women are equal.

Christina Aguilara   

- sexual dancing with camera facing there butt and wide shots to show all of the back up dancers.

- wrestling ring to show that she is fierce and sexy

- fighting but it is fake 'sexy' fight

- pans and wide shots are used to show all the 'dancing'