Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Study the Cosmopolitan front cover and answer the questions on lined paper, in full sentences, using media key terms.


  1. How many different font styles do you see on the front cover?
  1. How many different font sizes are used?
  1. How many different font colours are used?
  1. How many coverlines are there?
  1. Describe the font used for the magazine title.
It is bold, clear and big so people can read and recognise it.
  1. How does the title communicate who the target audience are?
It is pink yet bold and affirmative so it is probably for women
  1. What’s the main coverline and how do you know?
‘Body revolution’ as it is the coverline that takes up the most space
  1. Explain how and why different colours are used on the cover.
White is used to show the main point then pink is for additional information as is black
  1. Explain how and why different fonts are used on the front cover.
The different fonts are affected by the type of word e.g. ‘body’ has a curvy and stylish font
  1. If you could change something about the typography on this cover what would it be and why would change it?
I would change the colours as I find them to monotone even though they are completely different.

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