Sunday, 15 December 2013

Denotation and connotation of prima magazine front page layout

The front page of prima magazine consists of the regular lifestyle magazine layout including a: masthead, selling line, dateline, main image, model credit, bar code, the cover lines, the main cover line and the left third which contains the majority of the cover lines, due to shelf stacking. Here is an image of what these words mean. 

Prima’s front page has the selling line of ‘JOIN IN & WIN! Puzzles …. Competitions & cash prizes’ cover lines include ‘ our top 20 summer dresses’ ‘you look gorgeous 72 top-to-toe beauty tips’ ‘TOO SHY TO ASK YOUR GP?’ and many more. It’s masthead is obviously ’prima’ and its dateline is secured under the title. From this we can tell it is not a sexual magazine like cosmopolitan as its selling line is about puzzles and prizes. We can also tell that it is a fashion and beauty with the cover lines of ‘top 20 dresses’ and ‘72 top-to-toe beauty tips’. The main image is of a healthy woman whom some other women may consider idealistic which may persuade women to read the magazine as most women do seek to be idealistic and the dateline, bar code and model credit is fairly straight forward and self explanatory.  

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