Sunday, 15 December 2013

Direct address and aspirational cover lines on ‘prima’ magazine’s front page

Prima magazine includes many aspirational cover lines such as ‘our top 20 summer dresses’, this is an aspirational cover line as women aspire to be the best looking person around for a strange competitive reason that has been worked over the years by the media. This both makes women want to buy the magazine for the sake of looking like the norm and also to get the upper hand over other women. This also applies for fashion tips yet by the cover line ‘enjoy summer for free’ I can tell this magazine is for the more down to earth affordable fashion and beauty tips for mothers or older women that just wish to try to keep with the times.

The direct address on this front page is mainly coming from the main image which is a lady whom is looking directly into the camera lens which makes the illusion of her always making eye contact with you. This makes the customer feel more involved in the magazine and are possibly compelled to look at the magazine as it appears to be looking at you. The cover line ‘you look gorgeous’ makes the reader feel confident and possibly more inclined to reading the magazine due to this compliment.

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