Thursday, 27 February 2014

direct adress: the model in this case fergie from black eye peas is looking directly into the camera and therefore at you, and there is a direct coverline saying 'your body' therefore talking to you.

language: in this particular magazine the language seems to be quite informal and gossipy as if the magazine was revealing things to the reader.

aspirational: the coverline 'win the sex factor' is aspirational as everyone wants to be the best at sex, also the 'your body only firmer' coverline is aspirational as people want the best body.

you can see that the magazines target audience is female due to the colour scheme and also the fact that men don't really care about having a firmer body and they do not need to hear 'why every woman should date an ugly man' and men don't typically care too much about fast fashion updates.

this magazine is a lifestyle magazine which has content about sex, making your body the best, fashion and gossip also the celebrity on the front (fergie) is quite influential or at least was at the time and the magazine has content on gossip about that female.

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